Heroes of Olympus Series – Rick Riordon

Hi this is TC I am 10 years old and I have read the whole Percy Jackson series and Heroes of Olympus is my favorite. I read the books in the wrong order and I think it makes more sense. I read the books in this order; Son of Neptune, The Lost Hero, Mark of Athena, House of Hades, the Blood of Olympus. I loved this series because ONE I love the Percy Jackson series and TWO the books always leave you in suspense making you want to come back to read the next book. The main characters have unforgettable traits like Leo, he can summon fire at will, and Jason who can summon lightning at will and Percy can summon waves at will they all have cool things that they can do. The main characters are ; Leo, Percy, Jason, Piper, Annabeth, Hazel and Frank. Oh yeah and Coach Hedge is their “chaperone” and Nico is there  sometimes. by reading these books, at school if I read all of them and tested on them in the same year I would have well over 100 AR points and mind you I started reading these at nine years old so if you want your kids to read this you should read it to.





Leaving Time – Jodi Picoult

First let mes ay I’m a BIG Jodi Picoult fan!  I love the way she takes a simple human experience and make you think about your gut feelings.  You may not agree with the choices her characters make but you always think about what you would do in a similar circumstance. This book, Leaving Time, is a bit different – not really – but sort of.  How’s that for not being sure what I want to write?

As always the characters are complete, interesting human beings.  The focus is on memory, and grieving, and love.  How much is enough, or too little?  Why and how do humans grieve? And if those questions aren’t enough you’ll be asking all kind of questions about the mother/daughter relationship.

Picoult uses elephants to bring this story to life.  That might seem like a strange choice but, as in all her books, it’s the perfect choice.  If you didn’t love elephants before you read this book you’ll love them by the end.

Read it you’ll like it!  I promise.

The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

I admit it – I loved this book! It is an after the plague book. Not an end of the world book but a new world is beginning book.  Of course, the children who have mutated due to the plague are feared and killed and captured and tested.  I didn’t love the story because it is a new plot I loved the story because it is a plot the fascinates me and M. R. Carey has written absolutely believable characters.

Each character in the book is drawn in such a way that you know them and you care about them.  Melanie, the mutant girl and heroine of the book will break your heart and make you cheer for her from the very first page.  Helen Justineau, the teacher who is Melanie’s first human contact, loves her students in the way that good teachers do and opens a window into the “real” world for them and especially for Melanie through stories and images. And, when things go wrong and they all must fight to survive the love and repect between the two make you believe that all things are possible.

I truly despised Dr. Caroline Caldwell.  While her need to know how to stop the plague is understandable her inability to see the mutated children as humankind’s next evolutionary step paint an all too vivid picture of what could/would happen in a world experiencing frightening changes.

And one more, Sergeant Parks!  He’s a rough, tough military man who always follow the rules.  Until the rules just don’t make sense any more and then he must learn to trust Melanie and Helen. A kid, a woman, no rules – you can just imagine how hard he finds this.

I’m giving this book a 4 star rating because I want you to read it.  And I want to see more from this writer.

Five Days Left – Julie Lawson Timmer

When I see a book with a recommendation quote from Jodi Picoult I pick it up and start reading….. I read Five Days Left by Julie Timmer straight through. It is a thought provoking look at heartbreaking decisions that parents have to make. Exploring the idea that sometimes loving someone means we have to hang on and sometimes that we have to let go, this book will hook you in and keep you reading.
Mara Nichols and Scott Coffman appear to have nothing in common, in fact the book tells two very different stories at the same time, and yet each of them have only 5 days left with the persons they love the most. This book is about love and loss, adoption, foster care, families of all kinds, love between generations, love between husband and wife, love in the good times and love in the bad times. I never cry when I read a book but if I did this book would have reduced me to tears even as I laughed out loud at the antics of the children and “those ladies”.
I expect we will see many more thought provoking works from Ms. Timmer.