August 8, 2015

My reading list is a bit short and I forgot to post last week because my hours have been spent working on FAMILY MYTHS, the third book in my Augustus Family Trilogy.  I’m having a great time watching the family come to grips with their lies and relationships as their words and actions flow through my brain, into my computer and then on to the page. This week I’m off to Seattle for a quick family vacation but Elizabeth and Michael Augustus will definitely be traveling with me.

Sky of Red Poppies by Zohreh Ghahremani – An interesting, well written story of family in 1960’s Iran.  Told from the schoolgirl’s view point this book will make you think about what it really feels like to live in country in turmoil. ****

The 100 Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson – I loved this book.  I found it to be laugh out loud funny.  A light-hearted look at serious topics. The wide range of experiences in a 100 year old Allan’s life are a bit ‘Forest Gump’ but that doesn’t distract in any way from the adventure.  *****

Princesses Behaving Badly by Linda Rodriquez McRobbie – real stories from real history – Forget the fairy tale ending of happily ever after, these brief biographies are all about real women – who just happen to be princesses.  I found it fun to read. ****

The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon – A very scary book.  I had never heard of the monster known as mares and now I look at all my weird friends differently – just checking to sure they are all who they appear to be.  Written in 3 generations flashbacks I definitely recommend this to anyone who like a good scary story. *****

Durable Goods by Elizabeth Berg – an early book by Berg and I think one of her best.  Growing up is never easy and when you are an Army Brat in a sad, lonely, abusive family it’s even harder. Not also a comfortable read but a well drawn story of family dysfunction and function.  *****

Worth The Risk by Cathy Wilson – a new self published author that I found on BookDaily.  Her female characters are drawn using ‘real’ dialogue and while there are some bumps in the story and the ebook formatting needs some work, this is an author to watch.  ***

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I am a reader. I read too much. I read everyday. I know it interferes with other things but I love to read. And...I don't really feel the need to apologize. Well, sometimes I do but not often. I do actually enjoy a bunch of other stuff; crafts, painting, writing, painting. I recently self-published my first full length novel "FAMILY LIES" which is enjoying a bit of success. It is book one of the Augustus Family saga. I currently reside in Coronado, CA.