Augustus Family Trilogy

Writing The Augustus Trilogy

People ask why I’m writing this trilogy. The simple answer is, of course, that I have a story I want to tell.  A story I hope you will enjoy.  But a much greater reason is that family dynamics fascinate me.  This is not the story of my birth family although some characters are certainly based on people I know.

I wanted to explore the stories that a family tells and tells until they are considered the truth.  How does each generation react? How does the “truth” change over time?  Does it hurt or is it perhaps safer (better) to tell the lies?  Can you live an entire life built on a lie?

Are family secrets more important than the truth? Is a stable marriage more important than a happy one? What about love? Does it matter where you find it? Can one endure a life based on secrets?

These and other questions kept me writing FAMILY LIES deep into many a night and now that FAMILY MATTERS, Book Two of the trilogy is complete, I find that I love this family in all their dysfunction they fascinate me still and sometimes I actually think I find an answer!

Perhaps by the time I finish book three, I’ll be full of profound knowledge or at least functional!

Both books are now available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats. Family Lies and Family Matters are also available at iTunes, Barnes and Noble and for all eReaders. Family Matters

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