July 11, 2015

My reading list this week goes from the very silly to the profound and three of the books are 5 star reads!  Overall an excellent reading week.  It was also a week that included two writer’s groups so I feel not only well read but productive!

Read Bottom Up by Neel Shah and Skye Chatham – a modern love story written in emails and text messages.  It’s cute, it’s fast and it’s just plain fun.  Took about an hour to read the whole book.  ***

The Trouble With The Truth by Edna Robinson – Original, funny and thought provoking.  Set in the 1930’s with an unforgettable family of characters.  You’ll love them all.  The father is eccentric, the kids are smart, and the aunt is a wonder. This is a great example of a book that should have been published long ago but never made it through the snobbery of “big business publishing houses”.  *****

etta and otto and russell and james by Emma Hooper – This is a love story like non other.  A debut novel with great grace and perception. It is sad and wonderful and a lovely commentary on aging.  *****

Lila by Maryanne Robinson – If you’ve read GILEAD and HOME by Robinson, you’ll already be familiar with Reverend Ames loving young wife.  This is her backstory.  It is, as are all of Robinson’s books a literary, perceptive and emotion filled read.  Religious or not this book like the others make you consider the bigger questions of why we are here and why the world works the way it does.  *****

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I am a reader. I read too much. I read everyday. I know it interferes with other things but I love to read. And...I don't really feel the need to apologize. Well, sometimes I do but not often. I do actually enjoy a bunch of other stuff; crafts, painting, writing, painting. I recently self-published my first full length novel "FAMILY LIES" which is enjoying a bit of success. It is book one of the Augustus Family saga. I currently reside in Coronado, CA.

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