Leaving Time

Leaving Time – Jodi Picoult

First let mes ay I’m a BIG Jodi Picoult fan!  I love the way she takes a simple human experience and make you think about your gut feelings.  You may not agree with the choices her characters make but you always think about what you would do in a similar circumstance. This book, Leaving Time, is a bit different – not really – but sort of.  How’s that for not being sure what I want to write?

As always the characters are complete, interesting human beings.  The focus is on memory, and grieving, and love.  How much is enough, or too little?  Why and how do humans grieve? And if those questions aren’t enough you’ll be asking all kind of questions about the mother/daughter relationship.

Picoult uses elephants to bring this story to life.  That might seem like a strange choice but, as in all her books, it’s the perfect choice.  If you didn’t love elephants before you read this book you’ll love them by the end.

Read it you’ll like it!  I promise.

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  1. I LOVE every single book Jodi has ever written! I believe that she has assisted in opening my eyes as I’ve gotten older and helped me understand…while I might not agree with every choice people make….people all have the right to choose their own path and I am able to empthasize with their choice EVEN if it is not one I would make myself. GREAT Review…off to get the book! Thanks!

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