The Dark Road To Mercy – Review

It’s been a week for lots of reading and reviews – in fact all I did this week was read and binge watch Orange Is The New Black.  I love the way this season is showing backstories on many of the characters. I’m not going to write any spoilers here just in case you haven’t found time to watch but let me just say  – it’s a GREAT season!

This Dark Road to Mercy – Wiley Cash – This is a sad/happy book. A tale of love and atonement, blood and vengeance and most of all the story of a wayward father’s love for his daughters and their love for him.  Great character development. *****

The Enemy Inside – Steve Martini – I read all of Martini’s books and since these take place in my hometown I was looking forward to the read.  But this one misses the mark.  Very choppy and difficult to follow and believe me with a plot this simple it should have been easy to read.  I’m giving one star for effort. *

The Unfortunates – Sophie McManus – I really didn’t like this one.  It was simply a story about whining rich people loosely draped around pharmaceutical drug trials and Wall Street corruption.

Low Pressure – Sandra Brown – When a writer publishes a book anonymously which is based on the murder of her sister 18 years earlier, the writer’s true identity is revealed and the book becomes an instant best seller.  And as Brown’s books always do, you are swept into the fear created by a stalker who may or may not be the murderer.  A good read.  ***

The Qualities of Wood – Mary Vensel White – This is a debut novel from a writer with potential. White writes good descriptions and has plotted an interesting mystery.  The ending seemed weak but maybe I was just reading too much! **

Bed Of Bones – Cheryl Bradshaw – If you are a fan of Bradshaw you’ll like this book.  It’s number 5 in her Sloane series.  Personally I find the Sloane character a little too sweet and the descriptions a little to “romance novelly” but I like Bradshaw’s surprise endings and the story behind the bombing of the theater made for a good back story. **

The Dry Grass of August – Anna Jean Mayhew –  A coming of age story for a young women in the throes of the segregationist south.  A first book and available on Kindle Unlimited for free.  It’s well worth a read.  ***

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