Science Fiction, Mystery and Love

3 AM / 3:10 AM / 3:21 AM / 3:34 AM by Nick Pirog

***** A 5 star read Science Fiction and Mystery

    I LOVED all four of these books. I started reading and didn’t stop – simply sat and read them one after another as quickly as I could. Henry Bins is awake only one hour a day – 3 AM to 4 AM.  This has been true every single day of his life from his very first night as a newborn until now as a thirty something young man.  Henry is the first person to have been identified with this disorder and the disease has been named for him. There are very few others in the world with Henry Bins, sleeping 23 hours a day makes it hard to survive.  Just think about the logistics of caring for a baby that isn’t awake long enough to eat enough.  The problems are mind-boggling and yet, Pirog does a great job creating a world where you can believe that both the disease and the way Henry is able to live a complete life is fully plausible. Pirog supports the book’s premise by  giving the reader plenty of small details that he has skillfully woven into the story; finding a friend, going to the park, riding a bike, prom night, etc.
    All the characters are marvelous.  Henry’s father (who raised him) is complex and funny and willing to do whatever it takes to give his son a full life. Henry’s mother has deserted the family – or has she? No spoilers here. But remember this is a mystery and there are truly bad guys involved.  The housekeeper – who you never see – is nevertheless a full and complete presence. And when Henry falls in love with the beautiful police detective, so will you.
    I seldom give a book 5 stars but this series deserves them. Pirog never drops the plot – not even once! All four books are 5 star. Science fiction, mystery and love. What more do you want?


The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

I admit it – I loved this book! It is an after the plague book. Not an end of the world book but a new world is beginning book.  Of course, the children who have mutated due to the plague are feared and killed and captured and tested.  I didn’t love the story because it is a new plot I loved the story because it is a plot the fascinates me and M. R. Carey has written absolutely believable characters.

Each character in the book is drawn in such a way that you know them and you care about them.  Melanie, the mutant girl and heroine of the book will break your heart and make you cheer for her from the very first page.  Helen Justineau, the teacher who is Melanie’s first human contact, loves her students in the way that good teachers do and opens a window into the “real” world for them and especially for Melanie through stories and images. And, when things go wrong and they all must fight to survive the love and repect between the two make you believe that all things are possible.

I truly despised Dr. Caroline Caldwell.  While her need to know how to stop the plague is understandable her inability to see the mutated children as humankind’s next evolutionary step paint an all too vivid picture of what could/would happen in a world experiencing frightening changes.

And one more, Sergeant Parks!  He’s a rough, tough military man who always follow the rules.  Until the rules just don’t make sense any more and then he must learn to trust Melanie and Helen. A kid, a woman, no rules – you can just imagine how hard he finds this.

I’m giving this book a 4 star rating because I want you to read it.  And I want to see more from this writer.