I’m so embarrassed! This web site is a disaster.

I am so VERY embarrassed!  I’m supposed to be VERY computer savvy. After all, that’s  how I earned my living for the final 15 years of my “working life”. But tonight, I thought, if I’m going to get busy and do the marketing needed for my newly published, final book, of the Augustus Family Trilogy, I should take a look at my website.

Yikes!  What website? There is nothing there, and I’m embarrassed to admit that don’t remember how to manage it.  So, here it is, getting later and later, on Friday night and I’m determined to clean it up and get it back under control. Good thing I’ve never needed much sleep.

IMPORTANT NEWS: Family Myths, Book 3 of the trilogy is complete and available on AMAZON. You can buy it in paperback or for your Kindle. It is not yet showing in Barnes and Noble, nor in the other online sites that carry my other books. But I think it will real soon – maybe, if the stars align and all goes right with the world. I’ll keep checking and cleaning up my mess.

Writing the books was much more fun then doing the marketing – just saying – not complaining – just whining a bit.

However, if I don’t market the books no one will ever read them so – a marketing, I’ll go – maybe – if I can figure this out and if I make myself stick to it. (I’d much rather be writing my next book.)

If you’ve never heard of the Augustus Family Trilogy take a look under the menu item with that title and I’ll give you a hint about the series – actually more of a reason why then a hint –  I’ll tell you why and how I wrote the books.

And…now…before the clock strikes midnight…I’m going to see if I can fix another page on this website. I’m not any less embarrassed by my neglect of this site but I am impressed with myself for making these few changes. Perhaps, I can actually begin sharing my Book A Day Habit with you again.

Fingers crossed, ready to move forward.


Short Story My Holiday Gift for You

Hi All – As I get ready to leave for an exciting holiday trip to Singapore, I’ve uploaded a new short story to Amazon. Love Is In The Baking is  a poignant look at love, loss, memories, and family. My new story will be free December 21, 2015 through December 25, 2016.

If you don’t have a Kindle remember that you can read this story or any Kindle book by downloading the free Kindle app for your computer and/or any smart phone.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

If you enjoy this story, please. come back and leave a review.

New Online Book Store Needs Reviews

I was recently approached by a new bookstore, PJ Boxx.  They are both a brick and mortar store in Ft Meyers Florida and an online store.  They are specializing in self published and small distribution books.  I placed copies of both FAMILY LIES and  FAMILY MATTERS with them.

If you have read both or either my books please take a minute and write review.  You don’t need to purchase another copy.   PJ Boxx sells only the paperback copies but you can still buy either book in an e-book format from AMAZON, Barnes and Noble and iBook.

And, yes, before you ask….Book Three FAMILY MYTHS is finally in the editing process so – fingers crossed – it should be out soon.  Thanks for caring.

Short Story – Subtle Differences

OMG!  I haven’t done a post in so long I may have forgotten how to do one.  This is just a head’s up to all that I put a short story up on Amazon and if you’d like to read it  I’d love you to do so and please leave a review.

I wrote this while thinking about the way some of us make decisions in our lives.  Don’t want to  write a spoiler here so I won’t say anything else.  It should be free if you’ve purchased either book 1 or 2 of the Augustus Family Trilogy on Amazon – but it’s only 99 cents otherwise.  By the way do you know that you don’t have to have a Kindle to read Kindle content – just down load their free reading app.

Subtle Differences
A Short Story

I think if you click on this picture you’ll get to Amazon but if you don’t here’s the link to copy and paste.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00XUYBAZM