Tamara Merrill

Tamara Merrill: Who is she?

Tamara Merrill is a left brain/right brain woman. Her skills extend from writing fiction, to writing computer programs, and to tackling any DIY project. She  admits to reading excessively (she has what she calls “a book a day habit”).

As the mother of three adult children, three stepchildren, a few almost children, and eighteen assorted grandchildren by this variety of kids you’d think she would be the “granny type” but she’s not. She doesn’t bake cookies or remember birthdays, but she will take them to weird places, teach them to paint, or how to build a fortress. She tells them tall tales and swears they are true and she will always, no matter what read a book to them or with them.

When not reading, she paints, quilts, and tries to write every day. She often teaches painting, other crafts and writing skills in the adult education system.

Tamara published her first short story at the age of nine in the official Girl Scout magazine; AMERICAN GIRL. During the 60’s and 70’s she published multiple short stories in the popular women’s magazines of that era. But then the need for cash intervened and Tamara got a “real job” and stopped writing fiction.

When her husband, Richard was diagnosed with Mesothelioma in 2005, she began writing again. First Journaling to get through the days and nights of his decline and then writing short stories to amuse him. After his death in 2007, she returned to writing the  Augustus Family Trilogy, a story she’d begun 25 years earlier. The three book series  FAMILY LIES, FAMILY MATTERS and FAMILY MYTHS, has been an eye-opening experience in many ways. You can read more about her experience under the menu tab Augustus Family Trilogy.

Tamara has never lost her love for short stories and continues to write them. You can find her stories in anthologies and magazines. She occasionally places them on AMAZON in KIndle format.

She is available to speak at book clubs; in person or via SKYPE. To date, she has been the guest of book clubs and other book related events in multiple cities and states and in London, England and Bombay, India (where she wore her pajamas).

Tamara currently resides in Coronado, CA.