Cool Fever

Labor Day 2014

Okay, patient readers….I’ve been moving stuff around this morning and I think I’ve figured out where to type what to get it to show on the page of the website that I think it belongs on.

It’s been busy here in Coronado – Labor Day Weekend the island was full to bursting.  It was hot at the beach, the waves were high, flags were flying everywhere and it was a lot of fun.

Yesterday, Labor Day, The band Cool Fever was playing at the at the Ferry Landing and I danced from to 2 to 5 PM.  All music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and a couple of new tunes. Super fun.

This week I’m off to a wedding in Wisconsin so I’d better get busy and write or book two of the Augustus Family Trilogy will not be completed on time.

4 thoughts on “Labor Day 2014”

    1. Hi Thelma – Book 2 of the Augustus Trilogy is being edited. I’m still hoping it will be out in December. I’m currently writing like mad on book 3. At least it is warm and sunny here and I can write on the patio!

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