I’ve been a little lax writing reviews for the blog but I have a good excuse. I’m just back from a wonderful trip! We, Tiffany (my daughter), Max, London (grandsons) and Park (Tiffany’s fiancée) spent 2 days in Venice, 12 days on a Holland America Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, and 5 days in Barcelona, plus travel days that’s a 21 day trip! We saw wonderful things everywhere. I achieved a life long dream to see Pompeii. A dream that began when I read a book at about age 7, that told the story of a slave girl and her mistress who survived the lava flow that killed their families. I can’t really say what it was about that book but I’ve read many others about Pompeii and now I can read more knowing I’ve actually walked among the ruins.

With only 2 at sea days we had plenty of time to see marvelous, amazing things and to relax and have fun, so much fun in fact that I only read 7 books on the entire trip – 7 books in 21 days, a new low for me. I read Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, 28 & A Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank, Bird Sisters by Rebecca Rasmussen, Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham, Supreme Justice by Max Allan Collins, Man In The Empty Suit by Sean Ferrell (a book London recommended), and The Little Giant of Aberdeen County by Tiffany Baker. Of these Tiffany Baker’s book was my favorite. She also has a book titled The Gilly Salt Sisters that I like very much so perhaps that will be my next review.

Remember  I’d love to know what you are reading, too. So send me emails, add comments and let’s get to know each other.

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    1. Hi – the trip to Europe was fantastic but I had no Internet most of the time so I couldn’t blog. So sad! In answer to your question; Family Lies is not autobiographical but the characters are all based on people who have influenced my life – for good and bad.

  1. Hi Tamara ~. What fun!! So happy you have begun this Blog connection…you seem to be a very interesting and colorful character. I love to read as well. Having recently retired I hope to spend more time with my feet up and book in Lap. Last October I veered away from reading and picked up the laptop “streaming” habit (the Borgias, parenthood, ect series until January. Read the wonderful book “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tart and now am reading her first novel “the Secret History”. Her writing style is so capturing ….whatever and wherever she sends her characters she is able to develop a deep personal connection between them and the reader. Such a smart writer. I really enjoyed “The 100 year old man who jumped out of the window and disappeared”. Very very funny and written well. Cutting for Stone was good. Tell me about you favorites? And how u are doing? I’m up at Shaw island in the San Juan’s right now. The house in Tacoma is up for sale – we plan to move to shaw and finish building once the house sells. Everything is “up for grAbs” or as the Chinese Symbol for Chaos means: Opportunity”….keep me Blogged!! My best to u – Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy – lovely to hear from you. Congratulations on your retirement! Shaw Island! How lovely. Although I must say I live in a very nice place. No complaints about that. I read Donna Tartt’s books also. I loved them both. She is really is a smart writer. It’s not a surprise that The Goldfinch won the Pulitzer prize this year. If I remember right, Tiffany told me about The Secret History and I loved that story, too. Although I don’t think I liked the characters as much. I’d never heard of The 100 year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window by Jonas Jonnason but I went to Amazon and found it and it is now on my MUST list. Actually I saw several books of his that I’m going to try. I LOVE it when I find a new writer. I listened toCutting For Stone by Abrahan Verghese while I walked the dog and sometimes I just kept walking around so I could hear more. The whole interaction between Thomas Stone and the world absolutely fascinated me, the nuns, the children, the medical knowledge all set against the background of Ethiopia was completely wonderful. Not that I would want to be in a relationship with Thomas Stone – but he was amazing! I have a hard time deciding which books/writers are my favorites and that’s why I started this blog – I get to say something about most everything I read. By the way – I have the “streaming” habit, too. Currently doing SCANDAL. It’s become my favorite way to watch TV.

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