We ARE CALLED TO RISE by Laura McBride is my favorite kind of book. This debut novel is a story of family, not just birth family but the families we create as life and situations change. Every chapter is told in the voice of one character. They each have a unique story and yet these disparate lives intersect in a completely plausible way. Using Las Vegas, in the boom years before the real estate collapse, as the back drop to this story enriches the story. The book speaks to the way many points of view and many cultures collide in America today and yet we manage to coexist, that we are responsible for each other and that life is always worth living.

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I am a reader. I read too much. I read everyday. I know it interferes with other things but I love to read. And...I don't really feel the need to apologize. Well, sometimes I do but not often. I do actually enjoy a bunch of other stuff; crafts, painting, writing, painting. I recently self-published my first full length novel "FAMILY LIES" which is enjoying a bit of success. It is book one of the Augustus Family saga. I currently reside in Coronado, CA.